Draisine : Cave Sessions 2016-7

Draisine will now be publishing (mostly) unedited rehearsing sessions from the home cave. I'll add tracks regularly there. I don't exactly know what to do with music anymore in terms of distribution or "broadcasting", so it'll just be there for potential enjoyment.  Photo by Pauline Descamps at L'Auréole Béthencourt. Tape available to order on bandcamp

About Robert Horton – experimentor extraordinaire

Below are some words about Robert Horton, written somewhere around 2008, with whom I've had the pleasure to collaborate in releasing some records on Nothing Out There, and finally meet in 2016 (photo above) : A Piece Of Time (2014) Ducksnort ! (Boot III) (2011) If I Can't Play My Boot... I Don't Have A… Continue reading About Robert Horton – experimentor extraordinaire