Przewalski’s Horses : Experimenting at What-do-you-call-the-place?

  Przewalski's Horses was invited by the 267 lattajjaa finnish record label to contribute to a new cassette compilation, The Devil Man. We already collaborated with Hannu Hatti, creator of 267 lattajjaa, somewhere around 2007 with the release of the Museum For The Trees record. Here are his words about the compilation : "All The… Continue reading Przewalski’s Horses : Experimenting at What-do-you-call-the-place?

L’Invention : Elsa Fauconnet

Il me paraîtrait cavalier de prétendre « comprendre » le travail d'Elsa Fauconnet, alors qu'il faut bien admettre que c'est d'abord l'incompréhension qui nous saisit face à Green Out (2013), ou à L'Invention (2014) : en effet, il s'agit là d'autant d'installations fragmentées, plus proches en apparence du jouet cassé que du chef-d'œuvre parfaitement proportionné. L'Invention se présente ainsi… Continue reading L’Invention : Elsa Fauconnet

Draisine : Fireflies / Rivendite [E.P.]

  Contains field recordings from Peaks Of Otter, VA ; some others from Teufelsberg spy towers in Berlin, featuring Michael Northam & Aurélie Brouet. Rivendite contains samples from a lecture by William Irwin Thompson. Cover image was modified from 1992 Cryo’s Dune game.


Draisine is my solo project. A more self-contained and mastered process than Przewalski’s Horses, it still relies much on free improvisation, revolving mainly around effects-processed electric guitar. Long sessions of studio recordings make the raw matter for post-productions editings, post-recording compositions; the musical composition here is much like painting, as it is about merging independent… Continue reading Draisine